A variety of timely insight and education on topics that are important to you and your practice

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With multiple concurrent sessions to choose from, attendees are provided a variety of timely insight and education on topics that are important to you and the management of your practice.

The varied education and networking sessions are structured to meet the needs of healthcare executives, practice professionals, managers of all levels, physicians, nurses, and other business professionals. Attendance by administrator-physician teams, including mid-level managers, is highly encouraged to cover all the educational offerings on our agenda and to support one another in undertaking the challenges of today’s health care organizations.


Thursday, April 18

Concurrent Session Series 1
8:30 AM - 9:45 AM, (1.25) CE hours


1A. How one clinic successfully transformed Primary Care through the integration of Behavioral Health - Jennifer Ocker & Joseph Beal

Session Description

In this session the speakers will share a Behavioral health model that has met patient needs, unburdened primary care providers, and increased availability of mental health services in the community. Attendees will walk away with a road map to successful integration of behavioral health in primary care.

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1B. What Sets You Apart in Employee Recruiting, Engagement, & Retention? 6 Steps to Building an Award-Winning Culture - Kennedy I. Hawkins

Session Description

The past 3+ years has shown us that it much more difficult to recruit healthcare professionals, keep them engaged at work, and retain them. Over 50% of healthcare workers will look for a new job in the next 12 months. In a recent survey of 410,000 healthcare professionals, an organization’s culture was the #1 reason why an employee stayed with the organization. In addition to employee retention, an organization’s culture has a profound impact on employee recruiting and engagement. In this session, participants will learn some of secrets to building an award-winning culture that will attract quality healthcare professionals, see them become engaged employees, and stay with the organization. The session will be interactive with opportunities to engage the material presented. The speaker was instrumental in building an award-winning culture at PT Northwest. That organization is a 5-time Oregon Top Workplace winner with 2 of those awards coming in the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will tap into the speaker’s 30 years of healthcare experience. The speaker will also share his national experience as the former President and longtime officer of the National Association of Rehabilitation Agencies & Providers as well as what he has learned working on various projects with American Physical Therapy Association members. Participants will leave the session with tangible steps that will put them on the path to building an award-winning culture that delivers employee recruiting, engagement, and retention success.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Learn how to build an award-winning culture regardless of the size of your organization
  • Discover the benefits of an award-winning culture has on employee recruiting, engagement, and retention
  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles that will arise in building an award-winning culture
  • Learn the keys to sustaining an award-winning culture which will translate into prolonged employee recruiting, engagement, and retention success

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1C. Business Intelligence for Strategic Planning - Nate Moore

Session Description

Where do you want your practice to be in the next 3-5 years? What data do you need to get there? Simply looking at charges, payments, and adjustments like you always have will get you where you have always been. How can you look at your data differently to spot opportunities, trends, and potential threats? Now more than ever, business intelligence in strategic planning helps proactive practices see around corners and recognize opportunities and grow and thrive. This interactive session will point the way.

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1D. Platinum Sponsor Session: Your Risk Portfolio: What to Know About 2024’s Threat Landscape - Joe Gellately and Heather Edwards

Session Description

As leaders in healthcare management, you likely spend an inordinate amount of time staying ahead of risks to the health of your patients and to your business. Every day, the media details how developments like artificial intelligence, security breaches, communication mishaps, mega-verdicts at trial, and post-COVID economic pressures are impacting healthcare organizations today. How can your organization thrive against so many threats? Now more than ever, you need proactive risk-mitigation approaches. Knowing what you’re up against is the first step, and a plan with processes—and even a few good partners—will keep you prepared.

Join risk specialists Heather Edwards from Physicians Insurance and Joe Gellatly from Medcurity as they share the importance of proactively analyzing your internal and external circumstances to cope with the always-changing, always-challenging reality of liability. They will explore an assortment of evolving risks, plus share best practices for how to approach a risk-mitigation program at your organization.

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Concurrent Session Series 2
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM, (1.25) CE hours


2A. Business Intelligence for Staffing and Productivity - Nate Moore

Session Description

Has the Great Resignation hit your practice this year? Savvy managers are using data tools and new techniques to monitor, trend, and increase productivity in their practices, enabling their practices to be more efficient. This session will provide a unique, innovative approach to learning together. The speaker will give examples of custom dashboards, reports, and spreadsheets that practices nationwide use to measure and improve productivity in their practices. He will facilitate an interactive conversation on the productivity topics and examples the group is most interested in talking about. Attendees will gain insight from top medical group and health system performers to think differently and use proven ideas about managing staff amid challenging times.

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2B. The Costly Scheduling Dilemma (a case study) - Ray Martinez

Session Description

This presentation reviews a case study which identified new ways to evaluate a practice's schedule for new revenue capturing opportunities. Utilizing lessons learned from the airline industry and employing AI technology, this multi-object assessment assisted healthcare providers in identifying operational activities which impacted both clinical and financial results. The end result lead to big changes and financial benefits.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how Veradigm assisted in uncovering new renevue opportunities for one practice.
  • Identify lessons from the airline industry which could potentially be applied to many healthcare organizations.
  • Identify aspects of AI which can be applied to healthcare scheduling.

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2C. Foundations of Value-Based Care Success: The Building Blocks - Michael Olson

Session Description

A collaborative session with individual and group reflection regarding your organizations readiness for success in making the transition to Value-Based Care. Work together to create an honest picture of your group's current state and create a strategic roadmap to bring back to your organization aligning your investments.


Learning Objectives:

  • Complete an organizational VBC Readiness Assessment
  • Evaluate areas of strength and gaps in your likelihood for success
  • Collaborate with others on VBC strategies

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2D. Platinum Sponsor Session: Paid Leave Oregon and Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave Updates - Brycie Wasson & Rich D’Albert

Session Description

In 2023, Oregon joined Washington and many other states across the country who have implemented mandatory Paid Family and Medical Leave programs.  Oregon and Washington’s plans will continue to evolve over time.  In this session,  we will provide updates on major program developments within each of these 2 key states and we will discuss various ways employers can  maximize their long-term participation in these Statutory Paid Leave programs.    TBD

Learning Objectives

  • Review the basic provisions of Paid Leave Oregon and Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (WAPFML)
  • Discuss key areas of program changes we have experiences since these programs went live
  • Identify Employer participation options and discuss employer considerations when determining which  participation model provides the best long-term fit for your organization

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Concurrent Session Series 3
2:15 PM -3:30 PM, (1.25) CE hours


3A. Powered Productivity: Super Tech Tools to Get Stuff Done - Beth Z.

Session Description

Exasperated by email? Peeved about passwords? Tired of tedious tasks? You're not alone.

Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka Author Beth Ziesenis, for a research-based look of common productivity problems, followed by the technology to solve them.
Discover how to use free and bargain technology tools you never knew existed to work more efficiently with your teams, get organized and finally get stuff done.


  • Discover low-cost, high-value apps and tech tools that you can start using right away
  • Learn great tech tips and app ideas from your colleagues
  • Get new ideas to increase efficiency, improve relationships and get things done!

Find out more about Beth Z. at: https://yournerdybestfriend.com/about/

3B. Top 5 Cybersecurity Lessons from Largest HIPAA Settlements Ever - Magen Toombs

Session Description

This presentation highlights the significance of healthcare cybersecurity and the need for compliance with HIPAA rules to protect patients' health data. It emphasizes that the size and location of an organization do not determine its ability to secure sensitive patient information. The presentation also emphasizes the inevitability of cybersecurity risks and the importance of performing regular risk management programs to maintain HIPAA safeguards. The five largest HIPAA fines and settlements to date are examined to extract valuable lessons. The audience will learn about the common causes of HIPAA violations and the essential steps to avoid them, including conducting security risk analyses, implementing risk management programs, conducting regular information system reviews, and properly securing and encrypting devices.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the common causes of HIPAA violations and the importance of complying with HIPAA rules to protect patient data.
  • Recognize that the size and location of an organization do not guarantee better cybersecurity and learn the essential steps to improve data security.
  • Gain insights from the top five largest HIPAA fines and settlements to learn valuable lessons and apply preventive measures, such as conducting security risk analyses and implementing proper device security measures.

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3C. Managing Meetings Like A Boss - an interactive session with Lauren Harris

Session Description

Effective management of meetings can lead to more engaged and satisfied healthcare professionals, which can, in turn, positively impact patient care and reduce staff turnover. Attendees participating in this interactive session will learn which skills are an important factor for faciliating meetings which run on time, promote clear and open communication, and define clear decisions and goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the 3 main categories of meetings
  • Describe why good meeting facilitation skills are important for healthcare leaders
  • Understand and avoid the Top 10 Meeting Mistakes
  • Practice skills to apply learning objectives

3D. Platinum Sponsor Session: Private Equity and the Medical Practice – What it is and what it isn’t by  Eric Nuttall  and Amber Ferrie

Session Description

Private equity is hunting medical practices of all specialties.  They seem to be offering big money to purchase your practice.  How does that work in a medical practice.  What’s the catch?  Is it really as good as they make it sound?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand common models being used by private equity to purchase practices
  • Understand the methodology and motivation of private equity
  • Learn how to evaluate a deal being proposed.
  • Learn when a private equity investment may benefit the practice and owners
  • Learn the pitfalls of selling to private equity
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Concurrent Session Series 4
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM, (1.0) CE hour


4A. Oregon Legislative Update, by Courtni Dresser, The Oregon Medical Association

Session Description
This presentation will include a discussion and presentation of relevant legislative issues in the State of Oregon impacting the practice of medicine, access to care, public health, business practice and more!
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4B. Washington State Legislative Update, by Kathryn Kolan, JD

Session Description
This presentation will include a discussion and presentation of relevant legislative issues in Washington State impacting the practice of medicine, access to care, public health, business practice and more!

Annual Membership Business Meetings
4:45 PM - 5:30 PM
Includes general association updates and membership vote for 2024-2025 term Slate of Officers